Saturday, November 26, 2016

London – The City that Exudes Royalty

A luxurious lifestyle, a well-cultured society and excellent places to visit is the best way to describe the city of London. London can rightfully be termed as the crown of the entire European continent.Being the capital of England, London is naturally an advanced city. However,it still maintains various old structures of historical importance that are major tourist attractions. London leads in all major fields including arts, culture, finance, and tourism that make a visit even more desirable. Touring the European continent can thus never be complete without first making a visit to London.

Tourist attractions in London

Buckingham Palace: 
Buckingham Palace demonstrates the power and strength of England, which once ruled nearly half the world. The Palace building is the residence of the Monarch of the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace can be visited and you can learn more about the lifestyle of the Royal family. During the months of August and September, some rooms are open for tourist visits, displaying some of the finest works of arts and other royal possessions.

London Eye:
The giant Ferris wheel on the banks of river Thames stands up to its name. Also known as the Millennium wheel, the giant structure provides an unmatched view of the vast city of London, from an elevation of 440 feet. The entire wheel is supported by an A-shaped structure on only one single side, which in itself, is a remarkable design.

British Museum: 
The British Museum displays a vast collection of arts and artifacts, many of which are very valuable. The British Museum has one of the largest and one of the most beautiful collections in the world since many of the artifacts have been collected from countries all across the globe. Many artifacts have exciting stories relating to their origin, providing an opportunity to learn more about their history, along with the fun of traveling.

London Dungeon: 
Though initially a museum, the London Dungeon has evolved into a lot more. It now features live acts of various historical events from the past 1,000 years, in both humorous as well as horror performances. The actors are very professional and their efforts bring the acts to life. Along with this, the London Dungeon also uses special effects and rides to add to the fun aspect. You can never truly appreciate the glory of the acts unless you see them yourself.

Churchill War Rooms: 
Visiting a place which changed the course of history and resulted in the world as it is today, is surely a thrilling experience. The ‘Churchill War Rooms’ is a museum that includes the ‘Cabinet War Rooms’. The ‘Cabinet War Rooms’ is an underground structure that served as the British command center during World War Two. You can get an insight into the life of Winston Churchill at the biographical Churchill museum. Even if you have the slightest interest in history, you will thoroughly enjoy each and every square inch of the ‘Churchill War Rooms’.

The city of London is not a royal city just because it serves as a home to the Royal Family, but also because it has royalty thrust upon it and in the way of living it adopts.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chicago – World Class Architecture and Eclectic Neighborhoods

Chicago, the third largest city in America has a significant and diverse history, ranging from industrialization to dangerous gangsters to intense immigration throughout the 20th century;bringing together people of different origins such as Greek, Polish, Italian, and Jewish.

Must Visit Attractions
One of the most popular attractions to visit is the famous Millennium Park. It is a must visit for your itinerary.Your trip to Chicago will remain incomplete if you don’t check out the Park. Follow it up with visits to Grant Park and Buckingham Fountain for some recreation.The Field Museum is the perfect example of the art and culture of Chicago that spans history and the globe. With more than 300,000 works from all across the globe with paintings spanning the ages.The Art Institute of Chicago should be your next stop. If you have kids with you then don’t forget to take them to Lincoln Park Zoo for a great family time.

After your family time at the zoo, you must visit the Willis Tower Skydeck and 360 Chicago for a fantastic, panoramic views of the city. The sight is sure to take your breath away. One of the most recognizable landmarks is the Chicago Theatre - even if you don’t catch a show, don’t miss out on the guided tour.Wrap up your tour of the city with a visit to the Shedd Aquarium. The world's largest indoor aquarium one can see and learn about some of the more than 32,000 aquatic creatures.

How to Save Money in Chicago:
  • Opt for either bed and breakfast choices or travel during the winter when the hotels slash their rates in half. Moreover, during the winter, you will get cheap flights to the city as well.
  • Invest in a Chicago City PASS and the Go Chicago Card to save a lot of money. Both these cards will give you great discounts and you will get to see things at a set price.

Chicago Dining:
This city is famous for its Pizzas, hot dogs, and steaks. If you are looking for a fine diningexperience, then opt for David Burke's Primehouse and Benny's Chop House just off the Magnificent Mile. And if you wish to save money, then try out the establishments inthe downtown area.

Hotels to check out
The hotels listed here are an attempt to cover the best of both worlds. There are some good value options when you consider the cost versus benefit equation.
  • The Langham, Chicago
  • Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago
  • Waldorf Astoria, Chicago

Getting Around
The best way to move around the city and check out its different attractions is by public transportation — specifically the "L" train. One can also opt for the bus, but it might be a bit expensive and one could easily get confused by the routes taken by the buses.

When to Visit
The best time to visit Chicago is from April to October. Tourist activity is lower and you will find a lot of great hotels to check-in at rock bottom prices.