Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thomas Jefferson Memorial–outstanding architectural elegance

Presidentialmemorials in the United States of America are not too many as a matter of fact. Only a few best will be regarded with such high reverence for their great contribution to the people of America. In that way, Thomas Jefferson Memorial was built because of the sole reason that the gentleman deserved all respect for his true fight against the British and also the main responsible for the declaration of independence in the year 1776. The neo classical architectural building is a monument for the Americans to preserve it as a rich cultural heritage to be displayed to the world nations. It was constructed by a contractor named as john mcshain
The architect
Architect who was responsible for the plan of Thomas Jefferson Memorial is john Russel pope. It was only during the year 1947; a bronze statue was also added in the facility to adorn Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It took almost 4 years for the construction of Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It is managed well by the national park service.
Approval of the plan
The American institute of Architects is renowned for their established standards internationally. They have combined together graded this piece of architecture to be the fourth best in the whole of the United States of America. Such a classical example for the rich architectural talent of the Native Americans is something which we need to be really proud of. The engineering excellence is quite outstanding. The technical brilliance of the chief architect john russle pope is quite evident in the overall constructional appeal of the building. The Corner stone was added on earlier in the year 1939, and then the work was completed successfully in the construction of Thomas Jefferson Memorial by around 1943.
Interesting fact about Thomas Jefferson Memorial
You would not believe the fact that the commission of the fine arts did not accept or approve the design of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. In fact they opposed the construction and issued pamphlets regarding the details that are not acceptable as per the standards.
You will see the interior to be more attractive enough with the statue of Thomas Jefferson made out of bronze in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It was Rudolph Evans that actually made this statue. The statue was made in such a way that Mr. Jefferson is heading towards the white house. You can see the southwest interior wall to be inscribed with the declaration of independence.
·         Truths Portico- ceiling
·         Jefferson Memorial- front view
·         Exterior- columns
·         Dome ceiling
·         Bronze statue
Thomas Jefferson facts
Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president to the United States of America. Earlier to the throne he was secretary to the state, even ahead of it he was a minister to France. Earlier to that he was a member of the congress and a delegate of the state of Virginia. He was renowned for his brave fight against the bruisers earlier. He was the Virginia state legislator too and occupied the position of counselor along with that.
Washington DC
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

Engineering Expertise Evident to the outside world
The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is famous for its architectural beauty. It is situated in California State in the United States of America. You can imagine the busy bridge and its robust construction when you come to know about the number of automotive that are travelling across it on a daily basis. It is 250000.
Lengthy span
It is one of the longest spanning bridges in the whole world. Locals out here call it the bay bridge. Some of the recent renovation work done in the different parts of the bridge has strengthened it to face natural catastrophes too. Two important crossings on the shore are connected to the important place here called the Yerba Buena Island. Western anchorage is the top of the neighborhood rincoh hill.
Yerba Buena tunnel
Yerba Buena tunnel actually connects the two halves of the bridge. It is the largest in the world. It is termed as the transportation bore tunnel. Road way planning is excellent. Public light show was installed recently, which is now looking to be a wonderful sport to astonish anyone who visits this part of the world. Not only the bridge is an elegant architectural beauty, it serves a great purpose as well.
Western span - San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
Western span has the retrofitting installations which add on to the robustness and strength of the bridge to withstand any climatic conditions with ease. The replacement of the eastern span was done recently as well. Financing and tolls are there since the inception days of 1936. Fairs have increased dramatically as of today though. Tourist to this part of the world will have lots of places to see for sure. The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge could be one among the best destinations to spend some quality time.
Interesting landmark - San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
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Your sojourn here
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Commute and luxurious options
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Massachusetts Mania

Have you ever visited a place engraved so deeply into civilization and education?
It is the Massachusetts tourism theme we are talking about. Oh yes! Wherever you go, the civilization and the aura of education will accompany you. Now, this didn’t mean to be such a big turn-off sentence; it simply means that Massachusetts upholds a decent, more disciplined version of tourism in its world-record holder tourist spots.
If on a Business Trip, So Be It:
So you think your business-like group will destroy your fun? Think again. Massachusetts offers one of the top-rated science centers in Boston, by the name of the Museum of Science, which happens to be about two centuries old. As much as 700 exhibits are viewable to the public, not counting the live performances and demonstrations that make a million hits on Facebook and YouTube and other sites of the like. And then there is the amazing Computer Museum, also located in Boston. With a huge collection of computer graphics and all sorts of high tech data and exhibits, this museum has really escalated to the top by constructing a real walk-through computer for an unforgettable experience. Get to know the anatomy of your computer by stepping into its interior and actually seeing how the parts interact, the model really works.
The Massachusetts Titan- MIT
Now direct your compasses to Cambridge. Here we arrive at the most popular engineering institutes of this century, and of all times the dream of all those who wish to be engineers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, for short). Established in 1861 during the era of speedy industrialization in America, the institute has grown to become one of the largest research institutes of the current times. The area over which it is built is as large as 168 acres at the moment, and its walls run for an entire mile, side by side with the Charles River.
The history of MIT itself is highly interesting. For an institute of its caliber, it is quite surprising to know that the first proposal for construction was turned down. Then, when the agreement was finally made, Civil War swept across the land. The founder, William B. Rogers, however, continued his struggle to establish a progressive educational, and not a professional institute, and finally, the first students of MIT sat in the Mercantile Building of Boston for their first lecture.
It happens to be a fact that Rogers himself, and also the early curricula of the institute, had more of research-like orientation rather than professional goals. It so happened, therefore, that MIT refused to go into a merger with Lawrence Scientific Harvard University, even though the President of Harvard at the time was a former faculty member of MIT.
MIT, as in its views and approaches, remains highly unique as far as its architecture is concerned. You will not get to see the same boring building erected one after another, nor will you feel that the building architecture has long since fallen into ruins. MIT buildings have odd shapes, some seem to be twisted and others bent, and are built of reinforced concrete with limestone patches and many other artistic materials. While some critics might not appreciate the sight, such a different display of brick and concrete is certainly refreshing for anyone who has seen too much of official-looking buildings, and that includes all of us, doesn’t it?
Furthermore, MIT seems to have an inexhaustible housing facility for all undergraduates for an entire span of four years. While the exterior of MIT might not emanate too much of a professional aura (owing to its innovative buildings), the interior of the building is strictly educational, especially where its library and its museum are placed.
In this context, the MIT museum is a popular tourist visiting area. Recently established in 1971 under the name of Historical Collections, the museum hosts the famous Science Festival, the only of its kind in the entire realm of the United States. There is also the highly unique FAT contest (Friday After Thanksgiving) in which a series of machines are made to work for the purpose of leisure by pulling on a single string that connects them. Although these are definitely worth watching, one might not have the time to do so, and hence, the museum presents the world’s most extensive holography collection as a part of the indoor sightseeing.
So Massachusetts It Is:
With a mighty number of other points on the to-do list when in Massachusetts, the area no doubt has a strong tourist potential, and some of the strangest aspects of modern architecture one can dream of. Making practical the educational dreams of the past, and working rigorously towards the future, Massachusetts is the one place on the map that deserves a must visit.

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Year’s Eve in Boston – splendid night

When the year is drawing to a close, a number of people get into a really busy mode, from running around buying presents for the Christmas to visiting with long lost friends and family. You get invited to family gatherings, you get engrossed in holiday shopping, baking and other events, all scheduled for around Christmas. But the Big Night, New Year’s Eve is often left to chance and not a lot of planning goes into it since the magic moment is normally left to the stroke of midnight. If you are in Boston area or planning to make an appearance, then you need to know that night life is quite exotic in the city of Boston. Night tour operators are there wherein you could book in advance to tour all over the place for the whole night. Your time will be spent in a productive way in an organized fashion, with decent time to be spent in every other important landmark where you stop by.
Outstanding entertainment
It might sound a bit creepy to the women and young girls out there, but it is a completely safe journey in that way as you will be completely escorted well all throughout your journey by a special crew. Commentaries will be delivered in the bus to entertain the audience and to explain about the essential aspects of the places that are being visited, such as:

  • Martha’s vineyard
  • Salem witch city
  • New England coastal tours that enable you take in charming coastal villages and enjoy wonderful surprises along the way!
  • Boston dinner cruises which area sight to beckon! Imagine sharing in the fun, laughter and merriment on one of these dinners that come packed with entertainment, DJs that spin the music, not forgetting also the fireworks that will color the skies as you usher in the New Year. It will be beautiful sights that you see, from the colorful fireworks, to the beautiful decorations and spectacular views of the harbor!
  • Boston whale shows
  • Beantown trolley, and so on.

Rejoice with the family
Best way of enjoying the eve of the New Year is to mingle with the family members and enjoy it all throughout the night. Spending time with the family is crucial in the modern day life style. Social need of the hour could be the family life, education, romance, leisure and so on. Hastiness is seen everywhere. Cool and calm positive vibrations are the essential need of the hour. The positive energy just spills over onto other individuals as well.
Happy men and women tend to like others more. Here comes the intrigue question of what comes in priority, the higher self-esteem or the happiness? If your answer is self-esteem, you are partially right as it is just a little of both. Self-esteem will yield happiness, but when you are satisfied with your lifestyle then it can also bring you self-esteem combined with confidence.
Positive vibes
Most of the happy individuals out there are purely extraverted. You could observe them to be more outgoing, more active and energetic all the time. Different aspects of the extraversion are just glued together just by means of the positive emotions. Happiness is a part of both the formal as well as informal social activities. It might include a variety of voluntary activities and the time shared with the friends, acquiring knowledge in new skills, conducting classes or just even is more informed about the day-to-day happenings in the politics.
Generally, it could be witnessed that when people are induced with positive mood, they tend to open up conversation even with strangers. There is the secret revealed, when you want to become more social, and then just simply cheer up. It works as the vibration passes on. All those happy individuals are more liked by men and women around.

To-Do list to ushering in the New Year:
In light of the wonderful, sad, horrible or exciting year that you are leaving behind, A New Year’s celebration is a worthwhile thing to indulge in. Your To-Do list as the clocks ticks away could be:
  • Parties
  • Dinners
  • Cruises
  • Friends and family
  • Dancing shoes
  • Fireworks
  • Music
  • Food
  • Party mode
If you just want to stay home, not to worry, get into your comfy night wear, line up your favorite movies or reading material, get your snacks ready and enjoy a cozy night in.
 Regardless of what you have planned for this special night whether it is a night of going out on the town or staying in; New Year ’s Eve brings a special kind of excitement and knowledge, because you are kicking out the old and ushering in the new!