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Hanauma Bay–paradise underneath the blue waters

O’ahuIsland is quite prominent enough for the rest of the world as a best tourist spot in the whole of Hawaii. It is just about 9 miles from the Waikiki. It is called as the hanauma bay where you see the snorkeling paradise here. You do not have to be a pro in snorkeling to jump in. you can just catch up with any one that is well experienced in business in just a few minutes of time when you get used to the snorkeling equipment amidst traveling like a fish in water.
Imagine if you were a fish to be able to travel as far as you could down deep into the blue seas, it could be an amazing experience to put yourselves in the shoes of an aquatic animal or a bird that flies in the sky. You can experience the fishes and tortoise life here in the snorkeling paradise; you can go to the depths of the ocean to mingle with the aquatic life. It is the safest part of the world where snorkeling brings you no harm at all.
Predators cannot dare to enter into this part of the ocean at all. There is complete security for the tourists as they are being continuously watched from upstairs by the lifesaving experts in case of any immediate assistance or rescue needed. If you are snorkeling along with your kids, you got to be very careful on seeing their comfort too in special.
Hanauma Bay is actually tucked inside the good old volcanic crater which opens up to the huge pacific ocean. It is a sparkling bay in the shape of a crescent which encompasses a lot of marine environment in it. You will see a whole lot of marine life to pass by your side when you are doing your snorkeling in the blue waters of the Hanauma Bay.
The turquoise bay is the home of hundreds of different species of fish that you could have ever seen in all your lifetime. You can peep through your mask of the snorkeling equipment when you travel underneath the water surface like a real fish. Sea turtles , living coral reef, so may underwater passageways that you can exploreand many more in the Hanauma Bay makes it to be a stunning as well as fascinating aquatic environment altogether. Some of known features of Hanauma Bay are:

  • Stay close to the shore area if you are not that experienced in the snorkeling yet - Hanauma Bay Safety
  • Read about all the facts and details of marine life here - Hanauma Bay Information
  • Deal with the wild -Living Reef Program
  • A close Reef Check
  • Executing Scuba Diving
  • Hanauma Bay marine life

One of the very famous renowned tourist attractions globally is the Hawaii islands. The growth rate of Hawaii islands after independence from the colonial rule to as of today is just magnanimous and can be compared to the development of japan after the Second World War destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sophisticated country in the Asian subcontinent is a commercial leader as well as a place of luxury and enjoyment with so many ultra extravagant lavish resorts available for tourist attraction with variety pigmentation young gals to entertain.
The Hawaii islands airfare from any part of the world is not so high just because of the availability of too many carriers in that route. Let us see much more details about that further down. Hawaii islands airfare is comparatively cheaper when compared to many other tourist destinations and this is not only because of the route flexibility but also the governmental norms which has given an lot of relaxation for the majority of the airlines in the tax levies so that the costs are controlled at check so as to enhance the tourist attraction.
When the number of tourists visiting the place raises the income generated out of the tourists in more than few hundred means is a hefty profit for the government. In order to develop this, on a good note they were keep on constructing fabulous places to visit in Hawaii islands for the tourists when they do visit Hawaii islands whether it is a family or singles tour you can make merry out there with variety of places to entertain you. Hawaii islands airfare being minimal in this way becomes advantage for the labor category in the neighboring countries far and wide including India from where major population of Hawaii islands has come from.
The cost of visit visas along with the Hawaii islands airfare becomes a nominal affordable cost package for these people to visit the place on tourist visas and try out their luck of getting a contractual offer. Services are round the clock either it is domestic or the international flights from different parts of the globe. It is approximately getting connected to one hundred and fifty different destinations all over the world right from here through air route through different airlines.

Friday, October 11, 2013

SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego is animal theme park, outside aquarium, oceanarium, and marine warm blooded Animal Park, placed in San Diego, California, United States. The park is under the ownership of SeaWorld Entertainment, a subgroup of Blackstone Group.
A seasonal instructive presentation, that gives certainties about killer whales and how they are reared and looked after ordinarily demonstrated throughout off-season weekdays.
Blue Horizons (Dolphin Stadium): This shows characteristics Bottlenose dolphins, different fowls of flight, Pacific short-finned pilot whales, and trapeze artists.
Sea Lions LIVE (Sea Lion & Otter Stadium): A show with music emphasizing California sea lions and Asian little mauled otters.
Pets Rule (Pets Stadium): A show that predominantly emphasizes canines, felines, and a pig, however an assortment of intriguing fowls and warm blooded creatures may make presence.
Madagascar Live! Operation: Vacation (Mission Bay Theatre): A live musical show characteristics vocalists, lovers of the dance floor and rock/pop music performed by a live band.
Skyride is a 1967 Von roll sort 101 gondola ride found in the northwest corner of the park that ventures over Mission straight for a 6 moment ride. It ventures over part of Mission Bay on two 80-foot (24 m) towers and arrives on the other side. The Sea World Sky ride has the longest compass between towers out of any Von roll Skyride ever fabricated 925 feet (282 m). From 1967 to 1988, the skyride was reputed to be the Sea World Atlantis Skyride.
Trip to Atlantis is a joint flume and rollercoaster. The pontoon leaves the station and climbs the first lift knoll, once at the highest point of the lift, the vessel takes a little decay to get somewhat speed and afterward ventures around a right-hand turn that expedites the first tower building. The watercraft then enters the tower and plunges down a flume drop into a little man-made pool of water beneath.
Throughout the following area of ride, the pontoon gradually voyages along a flume of water, makes a left-hand turn around and approaches the second tower. Speakers set along the side of the flume uncover the story behind Atlantis. The second tower holds a concise surge before entering a duel-lift style lift that can lift two vessels at once.
At the passageway of the ride is a vast aquarium home to Cownose flashes, Southern stingrays, spotted hawk beams, and Leopard sharks
The park's well known Bottlenose dolphins are on show here in a multi-pool complex where visitors have free access to pet the dolphins.
Sesame Street's Bay of Play is an intelligent youngsters' play zone that opened in 2008 and is dependent upon the long running Sesame Street kids' TV arrangement. The region incorporates three rides:
Abby's Seastar Spin, a turning "teacup" fascination, Elmo's Flying Fish, a fascination in the style of Disney's "Dumbo" ride, and Oscar's Rockin' Eel, an eel themed "Tug Boat" ride.
Wreck Rapids is a pontoon ride that themes on steps into the wrecks of the profound with turn and turns. At one focus riders pass by a Sea turtle display.
Turtle Reef is fascination lodging over 60 sea turtles in an aquarium with an assortment of fish and different animals.

Manta starts with 270 degree anticipated media experience at the first launch. The train shakes forward and retrogressive in synchronization with the anticipated film of a coral reef and school of flashes. Sparkletts Water Fantasy Show: was an indoor water wellspring show. It was supplanted by a Window to the Sea.
Window to the Sea: was a live instructive presentation about SeaWorld's natural and research exercises. It was traded by Pirates 4-D
Privateers 4-D: is a 3-D film fascination. It was swapped by R.l. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse 4-D. It later returned in 2010 and shut again in 2012.
R.l. Stine's Haunted Lighthouse 4-D: Is a 3-D film fascination dependent upon the book from the Goosebumps arrangement.
Shamu's Happy Harbor: Was an intuitive kids' play range which opened in 1995. In 2007, it was redesigned and came to be Sesame Street Bay of Play.
SeaWorld's fundamental fascination is its killer whales, ten of which are housed in a 7 million gallon living space regarded as Shamu Stadium. Shamu was the name of the first executioner whale carried to SeaWorld San Diego in the 1965. "Shamu" is presently utilized as a stage name for adult executioner whales in exhibitions at SeaWorld parks. All the killer whales all have distinctive names.
The park's killer whales are emphasized in the demonstration to One Ocean (day show) and Shamu Rocks (seasonal night show), The Shamu Story (seasonal instructive presentation), and Shamu's Christmas (occasion indicate).
SeaWorld's Penguin Encounter show offers over 300 penguins speaking to seven separate species: Emperors, Gentoos, Kings, Macaroni's, Magellanics, Adelies, and Humboldts. It is one and only of two spots in the world where Emperor penguins are kept in caging, incorporating the main fruitful captive reproducing project. The penguins are not named and are distinguished by hued arm groups, with every shade speaking to a number.
Wild Arctic is home to five Beluga whales: Ferdinand (M), Allua (F), Ruby (F), Nanuq (M), and Pearl (F). The belugas likewise impart their display to some Pacific harbor seals. The park's belugas normally take an interest in Beluga Interaction Programs and Wild Arctic Up-Close Tours. SeaWorld's Wild Arctic show is presently home to one polar bear named Snowflake (F).

Wall Street

The Wall Street is located on the lower side of Manhattan on the East River. From Broadway to South Street, Wall Street covers a distance of slightly above one kilometer and named after the eight blocks that it covers. It is the New York City’s main financial district and economic hub. Based on the fact that the street is the most popular name in the financial arena, the usage of this term has generically come to stand for the overall United States’ financial markets and the American financial and economic sector. This is despite the fact that financial firms are not necessarily situated in the area. However, Wall Street is the quarters of the famous New York Stock Exchange. Using the market capitalization index of a firm’s listed companies, NYSE is the world’s biggest stock exchange. Other major stock exchange firms are or have been headquartered on the street. Through Wall Street, New York is the chief financial center in the world today.

The street boasts popular and magnificent architectural pieces that have served to give the place the d├ęcor and color reminiscent of its great and rich heritage and pomp. There are buildings in this street that make the place unique. They are built in different styles and shapes such that the street looks amazingly beautiful and organized. The buildings that give the street its characteristically unique look include Federal hall Building, The Trump Building, Bankers Trust company Building, Deutsche Bank Headquarters and NYSE located at the corner of the Broad Street.

Attractions and culture of Wall Street
Wall Street is a major tourist attraction and destination in the whole of New York City and other places in the country. People from all walks of life and from all over the globe flock here for various touristic and business activities. The Street as well as the larger lower Manhattan has been described as swarming with tourists and their cameras year in and year out. When visiting the Street, tourists sample such places as the trinity church and Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve is composed of gold catacombs that measure 80 feet below the street level. These are amazing tourist attractions that keep visitors come back once and again. A visit to the Wall Street is of course incomplete without a visit to the famous and world-recognized NYSE. The street also has occasional and impromptu concerts and performances that amaze visitors to their highest excitements and pleasure. 
Visitors in this area also fancy such places as South Street Seaport Museum, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City Police museum. In this area, there is lots of what you can do to enjoy your valuable time. It is also remembered that the world Trade Center was located here until the events of the September 11. The place is currently under reconstruction. 
According to scientific definitions and understanding of the term ‘culture’, it refers to those shared ways of life that include customs, morals, rituals, art, education, laws and any other capability acquired in the process of socialization as a party to a society. In this way, the culture that is characteristic of Wall Street represents economics, finance, elitism, outright capitalistic tendencies and greed. However, there is more to this on the Wall Street than just meets the eye. Anthropological research on Wall Street negates the existence of rampant greed and self-
interest and points to logic and financial sense in the Wall Street workers and investors. Visitors to this place also get a chance to sample some of the most delicious dishes and other social amenities. There is nothing as exciting as enjoying a meal on the world’s most respected financial street.

Getting to Wall Street 
Wall Street is basically a commuter destination and therefore the infrastructure is geared towards this cause. At the end of the street, there is a busy New York Waterway together with other ferries at the disposal of visitors and commuters. Visitors in this area also have three train subways to ease their travel. When visiting the street, you can drive along or just walk. Driving during weekdays is usually congested. However, this is not the case with weekends and during the night.

You can also get to Wall Street using public transport as there are buses that traverse the area. A visitor on the street has all access to the road and rail transportation. You can also decide to hire your own car for easy travel on the street and other areas. 
You can get to the Wall Street from anywhere in the world. This is made possible out of the fact that the street is located in New York City, where there are three international airports. The city has one of the busiest airspace in the world. The J.F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport are the three busiest airports in New York that international visitors can use to get to Wall Street.

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The Hakone National Park and The Hakone Shrines

The Hakone National Park also known as the “Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park” is a breathtakingly beautiful tourist resort in Tokyo, Japan. If you love nature with its thick greens, massive forests, beautiful lakes and falls and sturdy mountains then this park is the place to be.
The park is named “Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park” based on the names of the four general areas into which it is divided. These four areas include; the Hakone area, Mount Fuji area, Izu Peninsula, and the Izu Islands. In the Hakone area lake Ashi, also known as Lake Ashinoko, resides with Mount Fuji as its backdrop and breath taking Hakone Shrines along its shores.
Mount Fuji is the highest and one of the most legendary mountains in Japan with a height of 12,388 feet and climbing it gives you a 360 degree view of Lake Ashinko, the Hakone mountains, and the Owakudani Valley, making it an unforgettable experience.
Then the third and the fourth part are the Izu Peninsula and Izu Islands respectively. On the Izu Peninsula, there are situated the Atami Hotsprings have geysers where hot volcanic water pumps from underground. The come the beautiful Izu Islands that are surrounded by an ocean which is a great place to enjoy boat rides, scuba-dive, surf, cruise and fish.
The legendary Hakone Shrines, also known as Hakone Jinja, are the best attraction for tourists that visit this park, and they get more than 20 million visitors every year. The shrine was opened in 506 AD as a location to worship Mt. Komagatake by Jozen Shonin. In 757, Priest Mangan established the Kanto Sochinju Hakone Daigongen (shrine), which was later renamed Hakone Jinja (Hakone Shrine). When Shogun Yoritomo Minamoto lost the battle at Ishibashi Mountain in 12th century, he was saved by the priest of Hakone Jinja Shrine. Since then, the shrine attracted many samurai in Kanto area. Hakone Jinja Shrine was burned down during the attack by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 16th Century, it was rebuilt by Ieyasu Tokugawa in the same Century.
The magnificent shrine buildings are hidden within dense forests, but their gates can be easily seen from far. The shrines have three Japanese style gates known as the “torii gates”; one of which stands prominently in the lake and the other two over the main street of Moto-Hakone.
The Hakone shrine looks absolutely mystical and breath taking looked from the threshold of its stunning red torii gate standing in Lake Ashi. A series of stairs go towards it from there that are flanked by lanterns on both sides making it look even more mystical at night. Through this gate, the Hakone Shrine seems to be floating in the water of Lake Ashi. Visiting the Hakone shrines could be one of the most spiritual of experiences because of peace and calm it carries. The best time of the year to visit it would be when it is shrouded in mist and fog making the experience even more magical.
There is a second shrine called “Hakone Shrine Mototsumiya” that stands at the pinnacle of one of Mount Hakone’s multiple peaks called Komagatake. This shrine is also called the “original shrine”. To reach this shrine one has to take one of the hiking trails up the mount’s peak. It is the most calming of experiences going up this track, especially because of the surrounding trees and the peace in the air.
The Hakone Shrine is only a five minute walk from the Moto-Hakone bus stop by Hakone Tozan bus
service. The Hakone National park also carries museums within it including an open air museum which displays a harmonic balance of nature, the Pola museum opened by a beuty product company and the Hakone art museum with its beautiful moss gardens.
Other attractions in the Hakone National Park include the Hakone hot springs, Hakone Tozan Railway, the Botanical Gardens, a small theme park about venetian glass called “Hakone Glass no Mori”, Gotemba Outlet Mall and Gora Park. The Hakone hot springs provide hot spring water to many bath houses along lake Ashi. Hakone Tozan Railway is one of Japan’s oldest Railway rides and provides visitors with a remarkable experience of exploring the park. The Botanical Gardens exhibit over 1700 varieties of Marsh and Alpine plants. The Gotemba outlet provides tourists with an opportunity to shop along the way and carries over 200 stores and many restaurants. Lastly the Gora Park is an attraction for people coming from the west for its attractive western landscapes.
All these places, especially the Hakone Shrines make Hakone National Park an excellent choice to spend your vacation in. With the variety of experiences, it offers one can definitely never leave without carrying beautiful unforgettable memories with them. That is why if you want to visit Tokyo, your trip cannot be complete without visiting the Hakone National Park and it is magnificent shrines.