Wednesday, April 30, 2014

French Polynesia - A Dream Paradise

French Polynesia is the group of Islands under the control of the French government, hence the French language and currency is common here. Amazing fresh air, rivers, sunlight and surrounded by oceans, makes it a beautiful landscape gifted by nature. Beside the natural beauty various other facilities are provided in the French Polynesia that makes it a top destination for tourists.
Various grocery items are imported from abroad but fruits and vegetables are cultivated locally. Moreover domestic people are also good fish catchers. And don’t forget to try fresh pineapple juice, coconut milk and delicious fish.
·         A basic first aid is available throughout the islands, while two enormous hospitals reside on the islands, which are capable of providing advanced medical facilities.
·         As it is the French controlled territory, the French navy forces are patrolling the place to keep you in peace. Although some incidents of pickpocketing or snatching do happen, but still, according to international reports, it is ranked one of the least critical in terms of crime rate.
These Islands are not equipped with massive industries so most of the goods are imported from abroad. However Black Pearls are very demanding throughout the world so do purchase them.
·         In order to get on the island from abroad you may either come through aircraft (only one international airport in Lagoon named Faa'a International Airport) or luxury cruisers.
·         Traveling from one island to another could be done through private jets as there are more than 50 small airports on these islands, or you may take a boat which shall be an economic method.
·         While inside most of the populated Islands, there is a proper infrastructure to assure you may travel conveniently.
Also, don’t worry about where to stay in as you may find International standard hotels here. So what are you waiting for? Just pack up your bag to visit this paradise.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rome: The home of the Mighty Colosseum

The eternal city of Rome is home to beautiful monuments, buildings and fabulous attractions. When we talk about Rome some perceptual images conjure in your mind. The Roman army was considered one of the best and fiercest in the world because they were incredibly organised and disciplined. Welcome to Rome, the home of the Colosseum. Every year, several tourists visit Rome, one of the most beautiful cities in the world to admire the treasures of this place.
Starting with the Vatican which is the smallest country of the world with a population of approximately 800 people, this place is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. To explore this magnificent place make sure to per book your tickets in order to avoid long lines. Also wear proper attire by covering your shoulders and knees or else you won’t be allowed to enter the complex.
Head over to Piazza Nivona, the most beautiful square in Rome bustling with several restaurants and ice cream shops. Another attraction in Piazza Navona is Saint Agnes church which is one of the most important masterpieces of the city. Visit the district of Trastevere which is also a home to many foreigners. It is a very unique and friendly neighbourhood which is distinct from the rest of the city. Head over to villa Borghese which is the largest public park in Italy. This massive park is very beautiful, and locals spend some quality time there to relax. It is also known as the park of museums as the park features many important museums inside. A visit to this place is a must.
Also visit Via Veneto which is referred to as the most expensive shopping street in Rome. If you are not in a mood to shop, then just exploring this area will be a good option. Sip on a coffee and enjoy the lively atmosphere of this area. Finally it is time to visit the most popular tourist destination in Rome, the Colosseum. It is one masterpiece of the Roman history. Long lines in peak seasons and weekends are commonplace. A pre-planned visit is preferable to enjoy this location to the fullest. This impressive amphitheatre used to successfully accommodate 55,000 Roman citizens where they used to enjoy competitions between prisoners and slaves.
Rome is incredibly beautiful and unique. If you are planning to visit this part of the world then you are surely bound to get captivated by the charm of Rome.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

India's Wicked Wilderness

India is a country where one can enjoy real wilderness experience. It has many things that very few countries have preserved over the years and thus it attracts millions of tourists annually. If you plan to visit India anytime soon then be aware that there are many things you will get to enjoy. River Chambal region which is located in Uttar Prandesh is one area that has evolved over the years and forms the Indian wilderness that visitors die to experience. In the past, the area was synonymous with crime but it has since become one of the best tourist destinations in India. Security is always guaranteed and all logistics well taken care of.
A visit to the region today will open up to the reality that most of the rivers there are non-polluted. This has been made possible by the National Chambal Sanctuary which was established in 1978 and helps to protect avian life in the region.  Chambal, which originated from River Yamuna, has attracted many travelers for decades and that comes from its privacy which gives it purity. The place can be easily accessed by road transport right from Agra which is approximately 70km away.
This region is popular for its Chambal Safari Lodge which offers visitors comfortable and well planned expeditions and safaris. Driving through the area is an experience in itself as well as seeing the expansive lands irrigated with wheat and other dairy activities. Furthermore, the many dotted villages will make good scenery for any visitor to enjoy. Presence of plateaus, ravines and gullies mean there is no human life thriving there so don’t expect to see that on your expedition. You can consider taking a boat safari down the river and enjoy seeing some of the extinct wildlife.
Away from the waters, you will also get to see some of the animals living on land which have become extinct in many parts of the world. Foxes, blackbucks, jackals as well as hares are some of the mammals’ common in this place. A visit to Bateshwartown will open your world to some of the beautifully designed temples and other ancient buildings. Most of the temples, which count to about a hundred, are fully dedicated to Hindu worship.
The most unique thing concerning these temples is that they have exceptional designs. All that is what makes India a true wilderness for adventure. 

Most breath-taking roller coaster rides around the world

Roller coasters are loved by some and hated by others but almost everyone screams on it. The roller coaster is one ride in the amusement park that some people visit to ride and others love to avoid. These scare machines are breath taking instruments. These scream machines can strike fear even in the heart of Hercules, by reaching speeds of over 90 – 100 plus under seconds. Here is a list of the most breath taking roller coaster rides in the world:
Located at Six Flags GreatAdventure in New Jersey, USA, it's the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world. To give you an idea of its ferocity, it is called the Bengal Tiger. This roller coaster reaches a height of 139m at its highest point. To put things in perspective, that's even taller than the London Eye. It also has the fastest drop in the world.

Dodonpa, Japan

Located at Fuji-Q Highland, Yamanashi, Japan, this roller coaster goes straight up, down a curve, and then goes straight down. Dodonpa messes with your mind, as passengers are forced to wait anxiously in a darkened tunnel before the countdown to an insanely fast acceleration out of the tunnel, screaming down the track and then getting fired up and over two humps which have 90 degree drops on each side.

Thunder Dolphin: Tokyo's most terrifying ride

Known for its unique design around buildings in central Tokyo's Dome City amusement park, the Thunder Dolphin starts off with a dizzying 218 foot lunge at a steep 80 degree angle. The 3,500-foot long roller coaster races around the track at speed that exceeds 80 mph making it a mental joyride. Thunder Dolphin's maximum speed is 80 miles per hour.

Tower of Terror: the fastest and tallest flat ride in the world

Located at Dreamworld in the Gold Coast, Australia, it is currently the fourth fastest roller coaster in the world, but it has been reported to be the fastest and tallest roller coaster on a tower. The track pitches up 90 degrees vertically. Riders are weightless during the entire vertical section of the ride. There has been some controversy over whether Tower of Terror is a roller coaster, since the car goes up a tower only to fall back down again. Because of this, the ride is found on many lists of the tallest and fastest roller coasters.

Millennium Force

This roller coaster is located at the Cedar Point AmusementPark in Sandusky, Ohio, USA. The Millennium Force was the first roller coaster to exceed 300 feet in height back in the year 2000, and was briefly the tallest closed circuit roller coaster in the world. At the tallest section you will endure a stomach-churning 300ft drop. It is still the longest steel roller coaster in the United States.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

See the World’s Magnificent Destinations through the Terrific Cycling Trails

Explore the finest destinations in the world with an amazing cycle tour. In the world, there exist manifold fascinating cycle trails that give you an opportunity to perform a marvelous cycle ride. Here you can find a brief sketch of the incredible cycle trails that exist in different parts of the world.
La Route Verte, Canada
Running for more than 2,485 miles the cycling trail swathes the prefecture of Quebec from East to West. Alongside the St.Lawrence River, the view is amazing. You can easily follow the instructions and the courses of the routes that aid you to reach your destination in a much convenient way.
Railroad that Forms the Underground Trail
A total area of 2,057 miles constitutes the railroad trail that embraces five segments to make it a surprising cycling stalk. The Adventure Cycling Association designed the deep underground route that is seriously fascinating to explore. It holds the memories of the historic slaves forming the slave markets and the museums that carry the debris of the African-American civilization.

Ruta Austral, Chile

Extensive landmass at the Ruta Austral route runs from Puerto Montt that belongs to the central part of Chile and extends up to Villa O’Higgins that occupies a major part in Northern Patagonia. Here you can explore the natural beauty consisting of enormous forestlands surrounded by the Puyuhuapi scorching springs, near Queulat.

Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

“Munda Biddi” that carries the meaning “Path through the forest”, runs through the “Jarrah forest”. The name “Jarrah forest” comes out from the local name of the neighborhood eucalyptus trees. In July 2004, the cycling stalk was officially instigated. In the wide forest zone that swathes the route, you may see some forest creatures like western skirmish wallaby, western gray kangaroos, and brush tail possum.

The above mentioned cycling trails can turn out to be the best options for you to travel around some of the fascinating destinations throughout the world.