Friday, October 11, 2013

Wall Street

The Wall Street is located on the lower side of Manhattan on the East River. From Broadway to South Street, Wall Street covers a distance of slightly above one kilometer and named after the eight blocks that it covers. It is the New York City’s main financial district and economic hub. Based on the fact that the street is the most popular name in the financial arena, the usage of this term has generically come to stand for the overall United States’ financial markets and the American financial and economic sector. This is despite the fact that financial firms are not necessarily situated in the area. However, Wall Street is the quarters of the famous New York Stock Exchange. Using the market capitalization index of a firm’s listed companies, NYSE is the world’s biggest stock exchange. Other major stock exchange firms are or have been headquartered on the street. Through Wall Street, New York is the chief financial center in the world today.

The street boasts popular and magnificent architectural pieces that have served to give the place the décor and color reminiscent of its great and rich heritage and pomp. There are buildings in this street that make the place unique. They are built in different styles and shapes such that the street looks amazingly beautiful and organized. The buildings that give the street its characteristically unique look include Federal hall Building, The Trump Building, Bankers Trust company Building, Deutsche Bank Headquarters and NYSE located at the corner of the Broad Street.

Attractions and culture of Wall Street
Wall Street is a major tourist attraction and destination in the whole of New York City and other places in the country. People from all walks of life and from all over the globe flock here for various touristic and business activities. The Street as well as the larger lower Manhattan has been described as swarming with tourists and their cameras year in and year out. When visiting the Street, tourists sample such places as the trinity church and Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve is composed of gold catacombs that measure 80 feet below the street level. These are amazing tourist attractions that keep visitors come back once and again. A visit to the Wall Street is of course incomplete without a visit to the famous and world-recognized NYSE. The street also has occasional and impromptu concerts and performances that amaze visitors to their highest excitements and pleasure. 
Visitors in this area also fancy such places as South Street Seaport Museum, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the New York City Police museum. In this area, there is lots of what you can do to enjoy your valuable time. It is also remembered that the world Trade Center was located here until the events of the September 11. The place is currently under reconstruction. 
According to scientific definitions and understanding of the term ‘culture’, it refers to those shared ways of life that include customs, morals, rituals, art, education, laws and any other capability acquired in the process of socialization as a party to a society. In this way, the culture that is characteristic of Wall Street represents economics, finance, elitism, outright capitalistic tendencies and greed. However, there is more to this on the Wall Street than just meets the eye. Anthropological research on Wall Street negates the existence of rampant greed and self-
interest and points to logic and financial sense in the Wall Street workers and investors. Visitors to this place also get a chance to sample some of the most delicious dishes and other social amenities. There is nothing as exciting as enjoying a meal on the world’s most respected financial street.

Getting to Wall Street 
Wall Street is basically a commuter destination and therefore the infrastructure is geared towards this cause. At the end of the street, there is a busy New York Waterway together with other ferries at the disposal of visitors and commuters. Visitors in this area also have three train subways to ease their travel. When visiting the street, you can drive along or just walk. Driving during weekdays is usually congested. However, this is not the case with weekends and during the night.

You can also get to Wall Street using public transport as there are buses that traverse the area. A visitor on the street has all access to the road and rail transportation. You can also decide to hire your own car for easy travel on the street and other areas. 
You can get to the Wall Street from anywhere in the world. This is made possible out of the fact that the street is located in New York City, where there are three international airports. The city has one of the busiest airspace in the world. The J.F. Kennedy International Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia International Airport are the three busiest airports in New York that international visitors can use to get to Wall Street.