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The Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House

Today Australia is famous worldwide particularly for its Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Both Sydney harbor and Opera house add to the beauty and attraction of Sydney.
The Harbor Bridge is in the form of an arch made of steel, the bridge captivates a large number of tourists with its astounding beauty and grandeur.


There are two ends, the southern end and the northern end on which the bridge is located. The southern end lies at Millers Point, whereas the northern end lies at Milsons Point.  The main road on bridge controls other lanes of road traffic connected to it. There are two paths also, one for Pedestrian footpath called the eastern path, and another for bicycle use called the western path.


It is noticeable that the structure of the bridge in the form of arch gives it ample beauty and splendor. The arch comprises 28 panel trusses. The height of these trusses is different, at the middle it is 18m (59 ft) and at the end of the arch it is57m (187 ft). The total weight of the bridge is 52,800 tones.

Fantasies of Harbor:

For people who come to see this beautiful Harbor, they are to notice that it offers beautiful Parklands, gardens and reserves nearby, where they can enjoy and relax themselves. One cannot miss the fantastic view of the Harbor specially on a sunny day where it turns blue completely with so many ferries, sailing boats and cruise boats floating on it .This spectacular scene adds an aesthetic appeal to Sydney Harbor. The famous Sydney ferries give visitors an enjoyable experience by offering ferry rides. For this purpose, there is a ferry terminus called Circular Quay which is regarded as the central point in the Harbor. Short ferry rides can take you to Toranga zoo, The Rocks and Bondi Beach.

How the Harbor Bridge is maintained?

The Harbor Bridge stands as a great public monument, to ensure its safety and protection it is carefully looked after and is being observed on consistent basis.  The basic work maintains that this grand bridge involves painting. The steelwork that extends 485,000 sq m of the bridge is painted on consistent basis and with great attention.


The magnificent Sydney Harbor Bridge attracts a large number of visitors from every part of the world because of its tremendous glory and splendor.

South east Pylon:-

One of the ongoing tourist attractions of the bridge has been the South east Pylon, which is reached via the pedestrian walkway across the bridge followed by a climb to the top of the Pylon of about 200 steps. Areher Whitford first converted this Pylon into a tourist destination. He installed a number of attractions including a café, an Aboriginal museum and a 'Mother's Nook' where visitors could write letters

Sydney Opera House:-

For visitors Sydney opera house is the most popular and sensational place. The popularity of Opera house could be estimated with the fact that each year around seven thousand people come to see this marvelous Opera house. Not only that this but also 300,000 performers from all over world performed here each year.

Historical description:-

The Sydney Opera is often thought of as being constructed in three stages and this is useful in understanding its architectural composition: the podium (stage 1:1958-1961), the vaulted shells (stage 2:1962- 1967) and the glass walls and interiors (stage 3:1967- 1973). Architect named Jorn Utzon conceived the overall design and supervised the construction of podium and vaulted shells. The Sydney Opera House took sixteen years to build.

A majestic venue to display incredible acts

It is noted that Sydney Opera house offers the largest performing venues for artists and performers. The Concert Hall is an outstanding stage for singers who come to deliver their lifetime performances. The Drama Theater is a visionary theater venue where artists from all across the world give stunning performances. All performing art activities in venue thrill amaze massive audience and capture the attention of large number of crowd.
Opera house also offers facilities like Cafes, restaurants and recording studios etc for its visitors. If visitors are interested to have a look at backstage area, then there are tours that guide and assist them.

Outstanding universal value:-

The Sydney Opera house is of an outstanding universal value for its achievement in structural engineering and building technology. The building is a great artistic monument and an icon. Sydney Opera house has been included in the National Heritage list in 2005. Sydney Opera House  has received  many awards for its design and construction these include the Royal Australian institute of architect and the Gold award to Jorn Utzone in 1973 and a Commemorative Suleman award in 1992.
The two distinctive living monuments of Sydney are Sydney Harbor and Sydney Opera house, and with their magnificence and glory they have attained Universal value indeed.

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