Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thomas Jefferson Memorial–outstanding architectural elegance

Presidentialmemorials in the United States of America are not too many as a matter of fact. Only a few best will be regarded with such high reverence for their great contribution to the people of America. In that way, Thomas Jefferson Memorial was built because of the sole reason that the gentleman deserved all respect for his true fight against the British and also the main responsible for the declaration of independence in the year 1776. The neo classical architectural building is a monument for the Americans to preserve it as a rich cultural heritage to be displayed to the world nations. It was constructed by a contractor named as john mcshain
The architect
Architect who was responsible for the plan of Thomas Jefferson Memorial is john Russel pope. It was only during the year 1947; a bronze statue was also added in the facility to adorn Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It took almost 4 years for the construction of Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It is managed well by the national park service.
Approval of the plan
The American institute of Architects is renowned for their established standards internationally. They have combined together graded this piece of architecture to be the fourth best in the whole of the United States of America. Such a classical example for the rich architectural talent of the Native Americans is something which we need to be really proud of. The engineering excellence is quite outstanding. The technical brilliance of the chief architect john russle pope is quite evident in the overall constructional appeal of the building. The Corner stone was added on earlier in the year 1939, and then the work was completed successfully in the construction of Thomas Jefferson Memorial by around 1943.
Interesting fact about Thomas Jefferson Memorial
You would not believe the fact that the commission of the fine arts did not accept or approve the design of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. In fact they opposed the construction and issued pamphlets regarding the details that are not acceptable as per the standards.
You will see the interior to be more attractive enough with the statue of Thomas Jefferson made out of bronze in the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. It was Rudolph Evans that actually made this statue. The statue was made in such a way that Mr. Jefferson is heading towards the white house. You can see the southwest interior wall to be inscribed with the declaration of independence.
·         Truths Portico- ceiling
·         Jefferson Memorial- front view
·         Exterior- columns
·         Dome ceiling
·         Bronze statue
Thomas Jefferson facts
Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president to the United States of America. Earlier to the throne he was secretary to the state, even ahead of it he was a minister to France. Earlier to that he was a member of the congress and a delegate of the state of Virginia. He was renowned for his brave fight against the bruisers earlier. He was the Virginia state legislator too and occupied the position of counselor along with that.
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