Monday, March 17, 2014

Barossa Valley: Wine paradise or something more?

Australia’s Barossa Valley has long been known for its superiority as one of the best wine tasting destinations in the world.  This beautiful valley has been attracting several oenophiles from all over the world every year to show off the exquisite variety of more than 150 wineries. But there is more to the Barossa Valley than just the incredible wine tasting experience. It is a place where a trip for everyone beautifully blends well. Barossa Valley may be known to some and less known to others, so let us discuss some of the places in Barossa in detail

Food Sampling

Did you know that the famous wine regions also offer an incredible culinary excellence? Well if you have not tried it then surely you are missing out on something. Maggie Beer and farm shop is a must visit for everyone who are in Barossa Valley and want to visit a food paradise. After all, there is reason to the fact that Maggie Beer was the co-host of the popular show “The cook and the chef”. Besides Maggie Beer there are several other aspirational places in Barossa valley that are very famous and are absolute delight for foodies.

The whispering wall

Have you heard of this phrase? ”Even the walls have ears” Meet the wall that does have one. One of the most astonishing places in the Barossa Valley which you should definitely explore is the whispering wall. It is a huge curved concrete wall that is endowed with some stunning acoustics. You whisper at one end of the wall and it will be delivered perfectly to the other which is a distance of staggering 150 meters. Isn’t it fascinating?

National Parks

Make a good use of your photography skills here as this place has a lot of beauty to capture. Barossa Valley houses some of the most beautiful national parks like the Sandy Creek National Park and the Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park. Here you are bound to find some amazing species of birds and animals.

Museums and Galleries

You would love to explore the rich history of the Barossa Valley through the exquisite collection the museums of this place offer. The local art work, music, craft and history of this fabulous wine region can be explored in museums like the Barossa Regional Gallery and Peter Franz Fine Art Gallery.

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