Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Ville full of Zest: Knoxville

Knoxville city is also known as “the valley” which gives the exciting places to visit and makes your holiday memorable. It is in located in the US, state of Tennessee and was found in 1791 by James White, and named after Henry Knox who was President Washington’s War. It is a rapidly growing city, with three superhighways running through Knoxville. It has many festivals around the year. Knoxville is also considered as the most romantic place in America, as it is above 889 feet from the sea level, so there is a chilly, refreshing and frosty weather.

It has various outstanding appearances such as, the core of the finance and the political activity in Downtown Knoxville, the main street runs through Henley Street to Gay Street which was developed in the year 1970, it consists of a model hotel, bank, Medical arts building, the U.S Courthouse, a Church and a historic Knox country Courthouse. The University of Tennessee’s campus was founded in 1794, and is just few steps away from the metropolitan Knoxville; the University has nine undergraduate colleges and eleven graduate ones.

 In the heart of the downtown market square several entertainment places as shops, cafes, and pubs are situated. Tourists can enjoy ice skating which gives some catchy moments. The World’s Fair Park is known as the state of the metropolitan art development, which integrates various memorials from the 1982 world fair, it offers rich environmental features and is very peaceful. At Christmas the downtown Street furnishes a tremendous glimpse of light which brings great package for the tourists. In Chilhowie Park, trees are enlightened on the shore of the lake which seems like trees floating on the lake giving a grievous view. 

The major hotels at Knoxville are Mainstay Suits, Quality Inn Merchants Drive, Clarion Inn, Rode way Inn. The latest events which are coming soon are Roger William and the all Mixed up Quartet, the Modern Dance at Laurel Theater on 19 Dec to 21 Dec, On 20 Dec Grey  Brown at Bijou Theater On 20 Dec Ice Bears Hockey at Coliseum, Dec 20 to Dec 22 Miracle on 34th Street at TN Theater, Dec 21 Ice Bear Hockey at Coliseum , Dec 21 to Dec 22 Living Christmas Tree at Thompson Boling Arena, on 23 Dec Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker at TN Theater, On 26 Dec Ice Bear Hockey at Coliseum.

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