Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Zealand tourism: the next big thing

The recent studies have shown the western markets driving up New Zealand’s tourism to 6.1 per cent year after another. The data shows 2.78 million arrivals till financial year end April 2014. New Zealand is on its way to becoming one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. It is already frequented by those who seek to enjoy exceptional holiday experiences at a competitive price.
Germany displayed highest growth by 16.3 per cent, followed by USA by 11 per cent and UK grew by 2.8 per cent. This Data was released from the International Visitor Survey also focused on the overall international visitor spending had also increased by nine per cent till March 2014.
Studies have shown that UK visitors are attracted to New Zealand’s culture and the services offered by a number of new boutique lodges and hotels launched in 2013 and 2014, they are also attracted to the recreational activities such as cycling experiences linked to the newly launched New Zealand Cycle Trail and the continuing impact of the country’s starring role in Sir Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy.
The recent events have made New Zealand one of the most desired places to visit for many British travellers. The favourable weather conditions and a robust tourism infrastructure make it a prime spot for holidaying.
The international growth predicts Tourism in New Zealand ahead on track for targets set by ‘Tourism 2025”, this means an ambitious goal to achieve NZ$41 billion total as a tourism revenue by 2025. They expect to get the returns on huge investments made to enhance tourism.
Many people are just looking for a package that suits their budget and also provides a quality holidaying experience. Recently The industry wide framework which is led by the Tourism Industry Association in association with Tourism New Zealand have announced this spring to focus efforts on the theme of ‘targeting for value’. The services will be a value for money which will encourage people to spend more than an average holiday visitor. New Zealand has decided to invest in certain crucial areas in an effort to increase the number of visitors coming from across the world.
The event was strategically used as a platform to provide NZ$20 million dollar extension for the Memorandum of Understanding with Air New Zealand. The synergy of the deal will also help promote tourism.

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