Thursday, May 22, 2014

Top 10 activity holidays in Europe

Change your daily lifestyle and explore Europe and have exquisite holidays that will inspire you and will give you time out of life to relax your body. If you are looking to improve your fitness, having fun by learning a new skill, then it is the time to check these 10 best holidays in Europe. Let’s have a look:
·         Mountain biking and hiking in Italy:   
 You can get on two wheels and have fun biking Tuscan countryside. The Tuscan landscape is beautiful and challenging enough to motivate and push your body. The holiday is inclusive of mountain biking, guided Nordic walks and personal fitness training. The fitness activities like yoga, gym, swimming in fresh water pools will make you and your body fit. 
·         Road cycling in Mallorca: 
 Cycling is one of the most suitable exercises to make your body fit. The Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca is good for cycling is will testyour body and keep it  fit and moving. You can also hire the best of cycles, have sports massages and can explore the mountain hills on hybrid bikes. 

·         Tennis and Golfing in Cyprus: 
 Aphrodite Hills is a perfect place for the people looking to play tennis and have fun playing a golf game. It is a vast golf course in Aphrodite Hills inclusive of can enjoy the scenic beauty by looking at the clear blue sea. You can have up to four rounds of golf and two golf sessions followed by a sports recovery massage. Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy takes care of tennis lovers as well by arranging private lessons.
·         Surf and Yoga in Morocco: It is not a concern if you are a beginner or a regular hang tenner. ParadisPlage Surfing Holidays welcome you to come and have surfing lessons and yoga. Surfing is a great workout; ask people who have been surfing since years. When you are done with your surfing experience, you can go and relax on the private beach and have a fantastic view of North African sands and Atlantic Ocean.
·         Rock climbing in Corscia, France: 
 Even if you are a beginner in rock climbing it doesn’t matter as in Corscia you will get rock climbing courses normally week-long specially designed to take you upto an expert level of rock climbing.  The course is limited to six people to have more grips on everyone participating. 

·         Pack Rafting in Finland: 
 Pack rafts are lightweight boats that can be folded into your backpacks and once you have reached the destination you are good to go. There are several rafting courses offered in Finland by at affordable prices. Come and enjoy the experience of pack rafting.
·         Paddle boarding in Ibiza:  
You can explore the hidden bays and turquoise waters of Ibiza by doing paddle boarding. This is not only fun but also a great way to explore the coastline and region of Ibiza. Daily paddleboard activities inclusive of Zumba, mountain biking and meditation are arranged.

·         Skateboarding &Long boarding in Galicia, Spain:  
Surfing and Skateboarding have a close relationship, being in modern era skateboarding is gaining popularity. Join us and have a unique experience of skateboarding along with yoga, table tennis and other camp activities.

·         Crafts and walking in Serbia: 
If you are looking for a activity to relax yourself rather than getting down a hill on two wheels then Blue Plum Escapes welcomes you for a holiday. You will be staying in a 200-year old hamlet and a place in wine valley of Zupa, Serbia. You will be offered daily breakfast and yoga sessions. You can also study crafting including knitting, weaving, crochet and pottery.
·         Skiing in Finland:  
During winters Finland, offers deep snow, husky safaris, cozy chalets and cross country skiing. The most exciting thing to do here is skiing and going absolutely wild. In Lapland, you can have the best skiing experience that you won’t forget.

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