Friday, November 8, 2013

New Year’s Eve New York (NY)

When the end of every year finally closes in, activities to mark it are usually on high gear. There is no day (or night for that purpose) becomes so important than the New Year’s Eve. Every person is preoccupied on how to reap the best out of what the day brings about. In New York, New Year’s Eve is usually unforgettable and an experience that leaves you looking forward for the next, there is all kind of activities, fun, performances and merry to make sure that the ending year has been bade a deserving goodbye while the next has been welcomed in pomp, style and happiness.
There are many activities, events and pomp in New York to mark New Year’s Eve. Among the most important include the following;

  • Times Square Ball; this is an exciting time ball that is put on top of Times Square Building in New York City. The ball is lowered down to 43 meters every year since 1907 at 11.59 p.m. EST every December 31. This was however not done in 1942 and 1943 due to war. The ball is part of New Year’s Eve celebrations in the Times Square that is attended by a record one million spectators among them dignitaries and celebrities. World-wide, the event is watched by a billion viewers. Inspired by this, other US cities have come up with their own “balls”. However, the ball remains displayed on top of the building all through the year apart from when it’s getting a reface. Witnessing the “drop” is fun and memorable.
  • Beautiful Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs; depending on your taste, you will get quite a number of beautiful joints to hang out. Among the most popular in New York include places like Le Bain, Bell House among many other affordable places in New York.
  • There are places and events that have already been organized purposely for New Year’s Eve celebrations. Among the most hyped and longed for events include Planet Hollywood NYC where one is bound to have a feeling of Hollywood in the city.
  • To make all these celebrations in New York happen without hitches, security is usually heightened and all the necessary steps taken to ensure safety of everybody. For those wishing for getting a sample of what is in the hotels, bars and restaurants around Times Square, they are given this opportunity by buying Ball Drop Pass that will give you entry at one price.
  • Night tours are the best options to spend the whole New Year’s Eve in a wonderful fashion. You get company of the real kind when you are on the night tour. Plus you are completely safe all throughout the night while you could do what all you could do to enjoy the night to the core. Escorts by your side, is just for protection when you are boating or walking at heights while visiting to different landmarks in the locality. You can scale unknown territories at night to give it a creepy feel from deep within. Still the enthralling experience is completely worth it as you got to do something for real kick during the New Year’s Eve. The next whole week you will have something of the interesting kind to chat with your friends, mates and others too. It is all about the splendid night that you spent in the night tour.

The cost of the night tours is not expensive these days though. You can visit to many places all over that night. Scheduling is done by industrial experts in the business. They know it well on how to plan the trip effectively to not to waste too much time, but yet cover all the places within the stipulated time period. At the same time, they will not rush the guests to make it faster either. You will be give due time to enjoy your moments as you are seeing some of the attractive landmarks that you rarely visit. Most of the travelers that intend to select the night tours are first timers. It actually increases the thrilling experience overall. The commentaries that are passed on every now and then by the guides are quite interesting and informative as well.
You will be entertained completely in that way for the whole of the night. It is an interesting way to pass the New Year’s Eve. You get to know about a lot of new places. You get the personal satisfaction of having spent some useful time in seeing places as a relaxation. You will be charged up to get back to work after the holidays to tell your mates about your unique experiences.
There is variety of other ways to spend the New Year’s Eve too. While it is totally dependent upon the taste of the individual at any given day, the above suggestions might be of some use as well. You can get a better idea on how to make it so cool.  

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