Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge

Engineering Expertise Evident to the outside world
The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is famous for its architectural beauty. It is situated in California State in the United States of America. You can imagine the busy bridge and its robust construction when you come to know about the number of automotive that are travelling across it on a daily basis. It is 250000.
Lengthy span
It is one of the longest spanning bridges in the whole world. Locals out here call it the bay bridge. Some of the recent renovation work done in the different parts of the bridge has strengthened it to face natural catastrophes too. Two important crossings on the shore are connected to the important place here called the Yerba Buena Island. Western anchorage is the top of the neighborhood rincoh hill.
Yerba Buena tunnel
Yerba Buena tunnel actually connects the two halves of the bridge. It is the largest in the world. It is termed as the transportation bore tunnel. Road way planning is excellent. Public light show was installed recently, which is now looking to be a wonderful sport to astonish anyone who visits this part of the world. Not only the bridge is an elegant architectural beauty, it serves a great purpose as well.
Western span - San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
Western span has the retrofitting installations which add on to the robustness and strength of the bridge to withstand any climatic conditions with ease. The replacement of the eastern span was done recently as well. Financing and tolls are there since the inception days of 1936. Fairs have increased dramatically as of today though. Tourist to this part of the world will have lots of places to see for sure. The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge could be one among the best destinations to spend some quality time.
Interesting landmark - San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge
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Your sojourn here
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Commute and luxurious options
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