Thursday, May 1, 2014

San Francisco: A traveller’s love

San Francisco is a spectacular city located in the central coast of California.  It has some of the best hotels in the United States. One to visit is Fairmont which dates back to 1906 and is possibly one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, however, it is not cheap, and you would have to spend a lot more to enjoy a stay here. But even if you decided not to stay here it is worth it to take a tour in the evening and enjoy a snack in the restaurant. If you are looking for something completely different check out Hotel Tomo situated in Japan Town. It is a very friendly and unique place inspired by the Japanese culture.

One of the iconic bridges which one must travel through in San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge. The best way to explore the marvel of architectural and engineering design is walking through it. It takes forty minutes to walk the 1.7 miles to the other side. Visit the famous California wine country. Some of the world’s finest wines are made there. One of the best in this region is Artesa Vineyards and Winery. It is one of the newest and most exciting wineries with some very good and affordable wines. 

One of the largest Chinese communities in the US is concentrated in San Francisco. This Chinatown is bustling with exotic sights and sounds. One of the places you may want to visit in Chinatown is the building called Empress of China which dates back to the 60’s. In the basement is the market where most of the locals shop for all kinds of unusual things which one may not find elsewhere. It is a place where one may find many unique and historical things to shop for until 3 am. You may also want to try the fish salad here which tastes very good.

Take a whale watching cruise to watch some spectacular sea giants. You will also get to see the famous prison islandAlcatraz. The whole experience is very engaging and intense. Also visit Ghirardelli square which is home to the world famous Ghirardelli chocolates.

If you are a shopaholic then Union square is San Francisco’s finest shopping region. Cable cars are everywhere and you get to do some serious shopping. A journey in the cable car is an absolute must for every visitor. These cable cars date back to more than 100 years and are pulled by underground cables. You will find almost everything to you wish for in the union square. Also visit the beautiful Castro district and while visiting check out some classic movies in the historic Castro theater

San Francisco delights every visitor with what it has to offer. The spectacular views and the cultural diversity are definitely going to sweep you off your feet.

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