Thursday, May 22, 2014

Vegas - A city of Casinos

Vegas, one of the most amazing cities to visit at any time of the year, Located in Nevada, Vegas is the destination primarily for gambling, night life and parties and never ending shopping. It’s a place where the maxim, ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ has originated from. It assures its visitors that each one will have a unique and unforgettable  life experience .
Vegas is the city of casinos, it has earned the title as it offers plethora of casinos where people try their luck, some win and some loose but at the end of the day it’s the fun experience that matters the most, the rules pertaining to the game vary from casino to casino.
The city has glamor, it is lavishly decorated which makes Vegas stands out from other casino states of the world.  You will never get enough of Vegas in your entire stay.
Some of the best casinos are listed below,try not to miss them:
Mirage: one of the most expensive and popular hotel and casino ever built in the city; it remains busy throughout the year. You will often find eminent personalities who try their luck in the game. Roulette is the most popular game amongst the people.
Bellagio:the casino where ocean’s eleven was shot has made Bellagio quite popular among those who didn’t know it, the ability to accommodate 3000 people at the same time, Bellagio’s ability to provide the best time to each and every one makes it quite popular among people there. You can play black jack, bingo, slot machine and have a gala time at the same time enjoy the company of the best music and some of the most amazing drinks.
El cortez:This is one of the most popular casinos and hotels for the locals, don’t go on the size of this casino for you might just play the best game of your life here. Over the last few years it has been renovated and has brought many eminent personalities at its door-step .
Palms: Entertainment, party, drinks and gambling all under one ceiling makes palms popular in vegas. A paradise for the game lovers, try your luck at the table games and slots and play all night. Relish the time you will spend there as the place offers value for money. Enjoy the ambience of the most amazing casino in vegas.
Four queens: offering many benefits to its customers, they look to make the stay of their customers memorable. Play slots and table games, get instant cash back and free merchandizes, if you are lucky you might get discounts to stay at their hotel and enjoy your entire stay.
Casino Royale
The names says it all, a casino that has been remodelled in the last few years has made it quite popular among the young generation of the world. The food and drinks are affordable, but what sets it apart are the games it has to offer. You can enjoy the company of smart people, try your luck in poker and get instant cash back.

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