Wednesday, April 30, 2014

French Polynesia - A Dream Paradise

French Polynesia is the group of Islands under the control of the French government, hence the French language and currency is common here. Amazing fresh air, rivers, sunlight and surrounded by oceans, makes it a beautiful landscape gifted by nature. Beside the natural beauty various other facilities are provided in the French Polynesia that makes it a top destination for tourists.
Various grocery items are imported from abroad but fruits and vegetables are cultivated locally. Moreover domestic people are also good fish catchers. And don’t forget to try fresh pineapple juice, coconut milk and delicious fish.
·         A basic first aid is available throughout the islands, while two enormous hospitals reside on the islands, which are capable of providing advanced medical facilities.
·         As it is the French controlled territory, the French navy forces are patrolling the place to keep you in peace. Although some incidents of pickpocketing or snatching do happen, but still, according to international reports, it is ranked one of the least critical in terms of crime rate.
These Islands are not equipped with massive industries so most of the goods are imported from abroad. However Black Pearls are very demanding throughout the world so do purchase them.
·         In order to get on the island from abroad you may either come through aircraft (only one international airport in Lagoon named Faa'a International Airport) or luxury cruisers.
·         Traveling from one island to another could be done through private jets as there are more than 50 small airports on these islands, or you may take a boat which shall be an economic method.
·         While inside most of the populated Islands, there is a proper infrastructure to assure you may travel conveniently.
Also, don’t worry about where to stay in as you may find International standard hotels here. So what are you waiting for? Just pack up your bag to visit this paradise.

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