Saturday, April 26, 2014

India's Wicked Wilderness

India is a country where one can enjoy real wilderness experience. It has many things that very few countries have preserved over the years and thus it attracts millions of tourists annually. If you plan to visit India anytime soon then be aware that there are many things you will get to enjoy. River Chambal region which is located in Uttar Prandesh is one area that has evolved over the years and forms the Indian wilderness that visitors die to experience. In the past, the area was synonymous with crime but it has since become one of the best tourist destinations in India. Security is always guaranteed and all logistics well taken care of.
A visit to the region today will open up to the reality that most of the rivers there are non-polluted. This has been made possible by the National Chambal Sanctuary which was established in 1978 and helps to protect avian life in the region.  Chambal, which originated from River Yamuna, has attracted many travelers for decades and that comes from its privacy which gives it purity. The place can be easily accessed by road transport right from Agra which is approximately 70km away.
This region is popular for its Chambal Safari Lodge which offers visitors comfortable and well planned expeditions and safaris. Driving through the area is an experience in itself as well as seeing the expansive lands irrigated with wheat and other dairy activities. Furthermore, the many dotted villages will make good scenery for any visitor to enjoy. Presence of plateaus, ravines and gullies mean there is no human life thriving there so don’t expect to see that on your expedition. You can consider taking a boat safari down the river and enjoy seeing some of the extinct wildlife.
Away from the waters, you will also get to see some of the animals living on land which have become extinct in many parts of the world. Foxes, blackbucks, jackals as well as hares are some of the mammals’ common in this place. A visit to Bateshwartown will open your world to some of the beautifully designed temples and other ancient buildings. Most of the temples, which count to about a hundred, are fully dedicated to Hindu worship.
The most unique thing concerning these temples is that they have exceptional designs. All that is what makes India a true wilderness for adventure. 

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